Du Matcha? Quels sont bienfaits de ce merveilleux thé vert japonais?

You are determined to quit the coffee You want to find an alternative which will not cause you a blow of bar, insomnia, stress and digestive disorders Or you want to find an alternative even better for health Or this magnificent green powder with the incredible virtues intrigue yougue?

Certainly, coffee, taken in reasonable amounts, has many health benefits and benefits that have been scientifically proven. But some may experience inconvenience when consuming it. If you are one of them, and have never tried matcha green tea, you must read this.

Over the past few years, matcha has grown in popularity more than ever before, and it is not a fad that is about to pass. And yet, matcha tea has been around in the Far East for over a millennium and has been passed down from generation to generation in Japan. It was a tradition that was reserved for the Emperor of Japan, first. It was also used by the upper classes of Japanese society as a remedy, by the Samurai before going into battle, and it was the popular drink of Japanese Buddhist monks for their meditation. We are therefore fortunate that this tradition has crossed borders.

Drink a goodorganic matcha tea, It is above all a moment of personal pleasure, it is taking time for yourself. There is still a very special tradition in Japan that surrounds the tasting of this tea. Drinking it with a straight back would double the pleasure of tasting. In other words, it's a way of savoring the present moment, of savoring mindfully.e.


Matcha tea is, even today, a very high quality tea, very little cultivated. It is an emerald green tea, cultivated and produced in a unique way, in the shade of the sun, by artisan cultivators, in Japan. The youngest leaves of Camellia Sinensis are not infused, but rather finely ground in the dark, after a short steaming, to a very delicate powder.

You can mix this powder with hot water or a milk or vegetable drink if you want to soften its bitterness. Thetea leaf is completely consumed, which provides an incredible amount of antioxidants : 137 times more antioxidants than in brewed green tea (which we unfortunately throw away the leaves once infused)!

Favor organic matcha tea. We ingest the whole leaf, so avoiding pesticides is a smart choice.

Here is a list of the benefits of Japanese matcha green tea:

# 1- Matcha gives a good long dose of energy

Matcha offers the perfect combination of caffeine andl-theanine. On the one hand, matcha contains a different (and less) form of caffeine than coffee: theophylline. This type of caffeine is released more slowly in the body and therefore provides sustained energy for longer, while helping to support adrenal function.

Second, the caffeine in matcha is more tolerable by the body than that in coffee, since it is combined with l-theanine, known to relax without drowsiness. Matcha will give you its dose of energy over an extended period beyond 4 to 6 hours, without the coffee high, but also without the boost that is usually associated with it.é.

# 2- Matcha helps with concentration and memorization

These same two molecules of caffeine and l-theanine help keep the brain alert by promoting concentration and memorization, while exerting a soothing and anti-stress effect. Not for nothing that Buddhist monks consumed their matcha before their meditation session!

L-theanine also stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, which we know to have positive effects on mood, memory and concentration. Hmmm why do withoutr?

# 3- Matcha stimulates weight loss

Matcha to stimulate weight loss Well yes! Research indicates that catechins, mainly EGCg, stimulate the metabolism, and therefore lead to a decrease in body fat, as more calories are burned while at rest! While the affirmation is effortlessly positive, it will work even more effectively with physical exertion, and with healthy eating. 

The equivalent to stimulate weight loss is also found ingreen tea extract, concentrated in EGCg.

# 4- Matcha for disease prevention and immune system support

Matcha is considered a superfood thanks to its multiple health benefits. It is very rich in catechins, particularly in EGCg epigallocathechin gallate, the most recognized antioxidant in the fight against cancer. 

It also strengthens the immune system, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, lowering bad cholesterol levels and type 2 diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels.

# 5- Matcha for healthy skin

The first step in maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin is giving it the right nutrients. This does not only happen through the creams we apply to them, but also through our diet. This is where antioxidants play an important role. They neutralize the effects of free radicals caused by pollution, chemicals, UV rays and radiation.

Catechins therefore help to slow down the aging of the skin, preventing damage to cells and improving skin elasticity. They actually work on the balance of the body as a whole, helping to restore it.

Matcha can even be used to make yourself a 100% natural mask . It will help free your skin of chemicals, promote cell renewal, and will also help acne-prone or rash-prone skin particularly fight off the bacteria that cause it, while soothing the skin.

Test the mask for yourself: Combine a little matcha tea, oats and hot water until you reach the desired consistency. Gently apply to skin, rubbing gently in a circular fashion with the palms of your fingers, using the oats to exfoliate the skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, and gently cleanse afterwards. Moisturize your skin afterwards with your moisturizer.

# 6- Matcha to help digestion

The antioxidants again! They are so powerful in matcha tea that its virtues are truly multiple.

Another of the benefits of matcha is to help gastrointestinal function. On the one hand, its antioxidants help flush toxins and chemicals from the body, and it also stimulates bowel movements, which will promote bowel regularity.

Enjoy it plain, in smoothies, lattes, chocolates,pancakes, cakes. Its earthy, springy and delicate taste blends wonderfully with other flavors.

Here is my simple version of my dairy free gluten free matcha vegan latte.s.

Recipe :

Plant-based matcha and maple latte

Ingredients :

1 ½ cup of almond drink (or your favorite vegetable drink)

1 C. organic matcha powder tea

2 tbsp. maple syrup

Heat everything over medium heat, whisking to dissolve the matcha in the vegetable milk, and stirring regularly so that everything is not at the bottom of the cauldron. Stop cooking when it starts to simmer gently.

PS A faster version may be to simply heat the milk with the maple syrup in the microwave, and then whip the matcha into it.


Savor the straight back!!


Side effects :

Some people may experience certain side effects such as diarrhea or cardiac arrhythmia from consuming matcha, especially due to the still greater amount of caffeine than in regular green tea.

It is best to start drinking this tea slowly, if you have never had it before.

And matcha can contain lead because the plant soaks it up from the soil. Even organic, it can contain a certain amount. Make sure you are getting a good quality matcha tea, the chances of getting lead in it are pretty low.

It is also not recommended that you consume matcha while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Article written by Audrée Hogue



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