Vitamine K

Vitamin K

Rarely lacking, except in premature or breastfed newborns, or in people with intestinal absorption disorders. Vitamin K supplements may be recommended for people at risk of bleeding, people suffering from intestinal malabsorption, the elderly, people suffering from osteoporosis..

Benefits of Vitamin K:

  • Prevention of bone fractures through bone mineralization.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Intervenes in coagulation and cell growth

Symptoms of vitamin K deficiency:

  • May cause brittle bones.
  • May cause bleeding or hemorrhaging, nosebleeds, injury, internal bleeding in the form of bruises, and even from the stomach or intestines.ns.
  • Dangerous in newborns with deficiency, can create internal bleeding.

-Available on in 2 versions:

-Vitamin D3 K22 ATP lab.

-K1 in Total Defense Multivitamin and Minerals ATP lab.


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