A story on a human scale

Those who founded FitFitFit.Fit and Fit-Fit Nature Nutrition are us, Audrée & Benoit.


The story began several years ago with me, Audrée, when I had serious health challenges. I had to look into removing gluten and dairy from my diet. A member of my family was also celiac (allergic to gluten). I had to go to more than 3-4 places a week to find good gluten and dairy free foods. Result: the products were often very expensive, bad taste, not nutritious enough, ultra-processed and often full of sugar. I used online ordering sites, and the result was similar, with very high delivery costs and too long delays in receiving my purchases. I have literally wasted thousands of dollars looking for alternatives that taste good. I vowed to address these irritants and find a solution.

Hence the idea of ​​founding Fit-Fit Nature Nutrition Inc. In 2018, we went to the SIAL (Food Innovation Show) in Montreal to make new discoveries. It was there that we met SDA, the makers of Fit-Fit products. The Fit was perfect between them and us. However, the investment and import costs were too high at that time in our lives, and, with our 2 careers, we did not see the way or the time to introduce a new brand to the Quebec and Canadian market. .n.

Benoit then turned to one of our friends, Dr. Sylvain Guimond, Ph. D. Physical educator, osteopath, speaker and author to get his opinion on our project. He agreed to coach us and help us achieve our goals. For those who don't know Sylvain, he is the founder of Biotonix and the BTX application (https://fitfitfit.fit/pages/application-mobile-btx). Thanks to Biotonix, He has healed millions of people around the world including several major sports stars and world-famous personalities. He is also the author of several bestsellers and has already been a sports consultant for the Montreal Canadiens.

Sylvain put us in contact with Isabelle Huot, Doctor in Nutrition. She graciously agreed to help us in our project by sharing her experience and giving us the chance to offer her products.

In February 2020, after 1 year of coaching, we finally made the decision to move forward with the Fit-Fit project. Unfortunately, SDA had already made an agreement with an importer-distributor from Quebec, Horeca Experts! They did, however, put us in touch with the owner, Haytham Saliba.

He came to our offices to show us his product catalog. After several meetings, there was a Fit between us. In June 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Haytham and we decided to work in partnership to develop the Fit-Fit brand on the Quebec and Canadian market. It was at this time, in July 2020, that the online health marketplace FitFitFit.Fit was born.Ă©.

From the very beginning, we knew that our goal and our mission was to help people who, like us, seek to eat well and achieve balance. Group together foods that are gluten-free, dairy-free, or simply healthy in the same place. The necessary criteria: not too expensive per portion, good taste, all delivered to your home quickly.

We knew that the more people we reached, the more FitFitFit.Fit would grow.

For Benoit, for whom training is a passion and a way of life, it was essential to add a complete section of vitamins and supplements to our food offering. Sport is an integral part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We now import, manufacture and distribute healthy products, unknown to the Quebec and Canadian market. We partner with companies here and around the world, searching for the best products. EXPERIENTIAL, we want to offer you a new generation of products.

Over time, demand for Fit-Fit healthy snacks has grown, so much so that they are available in more than a hundred points of sale to date.

We are always looking to grow our range of health and well-being products. Every dollar of profit is reinvested in new products to be an online marketplace, offering a fine selection of health foods, wellness foods and the highest quality vitamins and supplements.


Now allow us to introduce ourselves.


Passions: Work, training and nutrition, traveling, building projects...


At a very young age, I knew I wanted to move and make things happen. I am a person of action, a passionate person who is deeply involved in all my projects. All my life I have played sports. I practiced high-level baseball, amateur boxing and physical training. After a break of several years, I got back into training. Since I don't do anything by halves, it has become my way of life. Supervised training from a “fitness” style coach 5 times a week, with the nutrition that goes with it! I am very interested in what is necessary to keep my body healthy and thus avoid what is harmful as much as possible.

Professionally, after ten years in management and direction of large-scale stores, I reoriented my career in 1999 to become a financial security advisor. In 2006, I was appointed sales director of two agencies for a company that is a leader in financial services in Quebec and Canada. In 2011, I completed a university study certificate in sales force management from Laval University, in Quebec. I then managed one of the largest financial services centers in greater Montreal. In order to give back to society, I am involved in different foundations and social causes by sitting on boards of directors or as an ambassador and donor.

Those around me consider me a builder. One of my strengths is taking a project and taking it where it should be.

I get a lot of pleasure from getting involved in this family business project. I invest most of my free time there working with my wonderful wife and our valuable collaborators and partners to offer the best to our customers.



Passions: Cooking, work, travel, life...


I see myself when I was little, in the family garden enjoying what was fresh and tasty, or even cooking alongside my mother, who was quite a cook! She was my source of inspiration. She was a nurse, loved helping her patients. She also always dreamed of starting her own business, her chocolate shop/caterer. Unfortunately, illness decided otherwise for her.

For my part, I also always knew that I wanted to help. I first completed my bachelor's degree in psychology at the University of Montreal, and I worked for 10 years as a telecommunications director. Following the birth of my children, I made a career change. In 2009, I returned to school to obtain my financial security advisor license, which I still am today.

It was my health that was not doing well. What had only been warning signs at first were intensifying. I was in so much pain that I no longer had any quality of life. After investigations, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. That's when I had to adopt a low FODMAP diet, and cut out gluten, dairy, etc. I changed my diet drastically. Not so simple, it was quite a challenge! I did a lot of trial and error and, quite frankly, it was very expensive.

So I decided to transform these challenges into a new career project. So my partner and I set up our health store FitFitFit.Fit. In addition, to perfect my knowledge, I recently began studying naturopathy.

I really want to help people who suffer from food allergies or intolerances and who, unfortunately, do not have the budget or the knowledge to make the necessary changes for their health.

I also want to be a reference for those who want to eat well, by offering them delicious, healthy and nourishing products in one place.