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Cocooning Gift Set - Fruity

Our mission:a healthy lifestyle

Welcome to our online health marketplace, offering the highest quality selection of health, wellness foods, vitamins and supplements!

The Fit-Fit Nature Nutrition story began many years ago when I (Audrée) had serious health issues. I was strongly recommended to remove gluten and dairy from my diet.

Products meeting these criteria are limited, not always good tasting and expensive, so we decided to find a solution.

From the start, we knew our purpose and mission was to help people who are looking, like us, to eat well and achieve balance. We wanted to bring together foods that are gluten-free, dairy-free or just plain good for your health. The criteria: not too expensive the portion, good taste, all delivered quickly at home.

Goodbye !

Audree and Benoit

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CLEARANCE (date) Organic Dried Cherries
Set of 6 Healthy Snack Flavors Fit-Fit 'Grab & Go' Energy Balls
Trio of Healthy Snacks Fit-Fit Energy Discs
Healthy Snack Fit-Fit Energy Discs Figs & Nuts
Set of 4 Healthy Snack Flavors Fit-Fit Energy Balls
Health Snack Fit-Fit Energy Disc Figs & Nuts by unit
NEW - Dried Cantaloupe Chips
Dried watermelon crisps
Dried mandarin chips
Duo of Fit-Fit Dried Fruit Crisps
Set of 4 Fit-Fit Organic Dried Fruit Flavors
NEW - Dried persimmons
Organic dried apricots
Organic dried figs
Organic dried white mulberries

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Maple and Bourbon baked beans

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