Enfin le retour au gym!!!

All the indoor training and weightlifting enthusiasts had been waiting for several months for the reopening of the training centers so that they could continue their routine. While many took the opportunity to do a gym at home, others did training with body weight and / or with some accessories. Many others have opted for other methods of maintaining physical fitness, such as running or cycling.o.

Weightlifting enthusiasts know all the beneficial effects and very few manage to find their account in the medium/long term without this method. A marathon runner will be open to changing disciplines for a short period of time if he has to, but he will find satisfaction only when he can start running again. The same is true for lovers of indoor training.e.

People who have not had access to a gym at home will have to follow some instructions so that the return to training goes well physically and mentally.

Here are some simple tips to follow:

Routine and better lifestyle habits

One of the most positive points of the reopening of gyms is the possibility for many to find a routine beneficial to their health. Have a moment for them, establish a schedule (see the articleMake a goal a habit, not just a resolution!, motivation to eat healthier (See:« Sunday Meal Prep for Healthy Eatingt, stress release, sleep improvement, feeling good about yourself, eliminating muscle tension and much more.

Taking care of yourself for 60 minutes with a physical activity that we enjoy is an important link in initiating healthy lifestyle habits.

Take the time to make a schedule so you can enjoy it!

Get enough and good sleep. Sleep is the base, don't forget that..

Training planning, your program

The 1st week

  1. Go gradually. Decrease the frequency and volume of training and wake up your muscles no more and no less. An injury could happen quickly if you pick up where you left off.é.
  2. Take small loads that are enough to feel the contraction well, but definitely submaximal compared to your capacity. This will allow you to progress well and your body will have an additional stimulus each week; the overload principle.
  3. Your training should energize you, not exhaust you.r.
  4. Go choose thevitamins and supplements, that will help you maximize your goals.
  5. Focus on muscle contraction in isolation. This is an ideal time to use the machines. You will be more stable and focused on the muscle to be worked.
  6. Work on your mobility with every workout.
  7. Avoid training methods that further exhaust the same muscle such as supersets, drop sets, eccentric work or high repetitions.

The 2nd week

  1. Think rehab, stabilization Work muscles like the rotator cuff, vastus medial/external knee, lower back, calves, glutes medius, lower trapezius, obliques... Taking the time to do targeted exercises will be good for your progress. It's time to rebuild an effective fortress to become stronger and injury-free afterwards..
  2. If working these muscles bores you, incorporate them into your warm-ups and repeat a target exercise in the middle and at the end of your workout.

The 3rd week

  1. You can increase the training frequency without increasing the volume. Remember that moving more often but for less time will always be what is best.
  2. If you have active recovery sessions and a good smart schedule, you might even hit the gym seven times a week to get into your new routine. You could lift weights 5 times a week and focus on mobility and cardiovascular work 2 times a week. And this is just one idea among many. An experienced trainer will guide you.
  3. Don't be harsh on yourself. Remember that you haven't been to the gym for months. Be grateful and give yourself time. Excellence is not perfection.

The 4th week

  1. If you haven't already done so, hire a trainer (See the article:
  2. If you don't have a workout plan, it's time to fix it. You'll start lifting gradually again, and it's time to do it smarter than ever.
  3. One of the most frequent errors remains in the lack of coherence in the succession of training sessions. A linear progression over time is a guarantee of success. Don't make the free for all mistake in the coming weeks.r.


If you have been particularly stressed (or not!) in the face of the many facets of this pandemic, it will be important to see training with lightness and kindness. Training should be part of your recovery and not burden you physically and mentally.

Find a way to have fun.

  • Listen to music you love
  • Be with a pleasant training partner and at the same pace as you on the return.
  • Have a coach by your side

I wish you all a great return!

Go get it!

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Article written by Émilie Provencher

Co-Owner Center Equilibre Performance Nutrition / Professional Athlete

Émilie Provencher and Alain Gosselin can be reached oninstagram and on Facebook.



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