You want a Fit-Fit Here are the places where you can find our discs and energy balls. New outlets will be added over time. The products offered may vary from one point of sale to another.


Island of Montreal

Hello Cook
4279 Saint-Jean Blvd,
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Qc
350 Boul. The beautiful
Saint-Laurent, QC
CDN Organic Bassinet
5184 Cote-des-Neiges
Montreal, QC
Exo Fruits
5192 Cote-des-Neiges
Montreal, QC

Marie-Pain Montreal
8990 Sherbrooke East
Montreal, Qc, H1L 1C9
Freshly made Bon Jarry
3600 Jarry Street East
Montreal, Qc, H2P 1V7
Freshly Good!
336 Rue Villeray,
Montreal, QC H2R 1G7
Fromagerie Maisonneuve
4445 Ontario East
Montreal, QC

Fruiterie Milano
6862 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, QC
IGA Extra Atwater
1500 Ave. Atwater
Montreal, QC
Iga Extra Duchemin and Brothers Market Inc.
5600 Boul. Henri Bourassa West
Montreal, QC
IGA Extra Marché Gagnon et Fils Inc.
12 Triad Square
Pointe-Claire, QC

Beaubien Intermarket
1451 Beaubien Street East
Montreal, QC
Intermarché Boyer
1000 Ave. Mount Royal East
Montreal, QC
Universal Intermarket
89 Ave. Mount Royal East
Montreal, QC
Jean Coutu
740 Boul. CĂŽte-Vertu, Suite #180
Montreal, QC

La Pomme d'API Health Grocery
2599 Boul. Rosemont
Montreal, QC
Berchicci store
6205 Boul. Sewing
St-Leonard, Qc
Eden Market
3575 Park Avenue
Montreal, QC
Metro CĂŽte des Neiges
5150 Cote-des-Neiges
Montreal, QC

Fromagerie Maisonneuve
4445 Ontario East
Montreal, Qc, H1V 3V3
Metro Westmount
4840 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC
AP Nature
5029 Ave. Park
Montreal, QC
PA Supermarket - Downtown
1420 Fort
Montreal, QC

PA Supermarket - Park
5242 Park Ave.
Montreal, QC
PA Westbury
5157 Ave. Courtai
Montreal, QC
Proxim Pharmacy - Camille Rayes
4862 Cote-des-Neiges
Montreal, QC
Provigo Marc Candle
3185 Beaubien Street East
Montreal, QC

Provigo Michel Lefebvre
3421 Ave. Park
Montreal, QC
Provigo Michel Ricard
10455 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, QC
Rachelle Bery Beaubien
2346 Beaubien East
Montreal, QC
Teva Natural Foods
5143 Boul. Decarie
Montreal, QC

Montreal Island Golf Club
3700 Rue Damien-Gauthier
Montreal, Qc, H1A 5T4
Intermarché Lagoria Jarry
5001 Rue Jarry East
Montreal, Qc, H1R 1Y1
The 5 seasons (green)
1280 Greene Ave, Westmount
Montreal, Qc, H2T 1G7
Loblaw Inc. ( Provigo #8456 The Market)
375 Rue Jean-Talon West
Montreal, Qc, H3N 2Y8

Provigo #8978 Matthew Bishara (monkland)
5595 Monklands
Montreal, Qc, H4A 1E1
Provigo #8893 - DANIEL SAVARD
50 Mont-Royal Ave W
Montreal, Qc, H2T 2S3
Provigo Mehdi Taallah # 8495
6485 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Qc, H4B 1N3
IGA # 8522 Van Horne
4885 Van Horne Avenue
Montreal, Qc, H3W 1J2

3964 Notre Dame Street West
Montreal, Qc, H4C 1R1
IGA #8057 - Kraft Foods Inc.
5501 Cote Saint Luc Rd
Montreal, Qc, H4W 3G8
IGA Lipari CĂŽte-St-Luc
7151 CĂŽte Saint-Luc Rd
Montreal, Qc, H4V 1J2
1280 Beaumont Ave
Mount Royal, Qc, H3P 3E5

Provigo #7195 Lucerne
2386 Lucerne Rd
Mount Royal, Qc, H3R 2J8
IGA extra Rockland #8185
2305 Rockland Rd local 5100
Mount Royal, Qc, H3P 3E9
Marie-Pain Pointe-Aux-Trembles
13076 Sherbrooke East
Pointe-Aux-Trembles, Qc, H1A 3W2

North Shore of Montreal

Bass Nuts
4555 Highway Laval 440
Laval, QC
IGA Extra Chaumont and Bilodeau
1005 Boul. Grand Heron
St-Jerome, Qc
IGA Extra Lord Lafontaine
2012 St-Georges Street
St-Jerome, Qc
IGA Extra Market Richard Tellier Ste-Dorothée Inc.
550 West Chomedey Highway
Laval, QC

IGA Extra Gagnon And Girls Inc.
2137 Boul. Cure Labelle
Laval, QC
The Harvest - Health Supermarket
360 rue Sicard
Ste-Therese, Qc
PA Supermarket Laval
4600 Boul. Samson
Laval, QC
IGA Extra Mascouche
65 Montée Masson
Mascouche, QC

Intermarche Palumbo LDR
255 Boulevard de la Concorde O
Laval, Qc H7N 5T1
Intermarché Palumbo
3595 Boulevard de la Concorde E
Laval, Qc H7E 2E1
Fromagerie des Nations
3535 North Laval A-440 West
Laval, Qc H7P 5G9
IGA Concorde Market #8090
4411 Boulevard de la Concorde East
Laval, Qc H7C 1M4

1360 boul. Cure Labelle
Blainville, Qc J7C 2P2
IGA extra Mascouche # 8123
65 climb Masson
Mascouche, QC J7K 3B4
Marie-Pain Express Bakery (Toit Rouge Market)
160, boul. Brien
Repentigny, QC J6A 6V1
Marie Pain
452 Notre Dame
Repentigny, QC J6A 2T4

Marie-Pain Le Gardeur
511-C Boul. Lacombe
The Keeper, Qc J5Z 1P5
Metro Plus Thibeault St-Jerome
430 Boulevard Monseigneur-Dubois
Saint-Jerome, QC J7Y 3L8
Rachelle-BĂ©ry healthy groceries
377 Main Street
Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R0
Save Plus Supermarket
3040 Chem. of the Hidden River
Boisbriand, QC J7H 1H9

Brunet L. Theriault Pharmacy
1208 Rue Valiquette
Sainte-Adele, Qc J8B 2M5
Saint-Prime golf course on the lake
776 Main Street
Saint Prime, Qc G8J 1T9
Le Grand Portneuf Golf Club
2 Route 365
Pont-Rouge, Qc G3H 3R4

South Shore of Montreal

Balance Performance Nutrition
5840 Boulevard Taschereau,
Brossard, QC J4W 1M6
IGA Extra Chateauguay
90 boul. from Anjou
Chateauguay, Qc
IGA Extra Gladu
400 Boulevard du SĂ©minaire N,
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 5L2
IGA Extra Yan Gladu
170 Boulevard Saint-Luc,
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J2W 1C7

IGA Gladu St-Luc
318 Boulevard Saint-Luc,
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J2W 2A3
IGA Extra Lambert La Prairie Markets
975 Boulevard Taschereau,
La Prairie, QC J5R 1W7
IGA Extra Market Lambert Delson
58 QC-132,
Delson, QC J5B 0A1
IGA Extra Faubourg Ste-Julie Market Inc.
2055 Main Street,
Ste-Julie, Qc, J3E 1W1

IGA Extra Place Longueuil
825 St-Laurent Street West,
Longueuil, Quebec
IGA Extra Super Market Primeau et fils inc.
810 St. Paul Street,
Saint-Remi, Qc
IGA extra Marché Lambert et frÚres inc.
3500 Boulevard Frechette,
Chambly, QC
Butchery of the Grand Chef (The)
1331 Rue Bernier,
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc

IGA Extra Primeau Beauharnois
530 Cadieux Boulevard,
Beauharnois, Qc
L'Eau Vive Natural Foods Inc
248 St. George Street,
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Qc, J3H 2Y1
IGA Extra Varennes Valérie and Martin Markets
1777 QC-132,
Varennes, QC, J3X 1P7
IGA Emily and Philip Market
4999 Rue des Ormes,
Contrecoeur, Qc, J0L 1C0

IGA Extra Family Reid-Boursier inc.
631 Bd Saint-Jean-Baptiste,
Mercier, QC J6R 2A3
IGA Extra Gaouette Market Inc.
40 Rue Evangeline,
Granby, QC J2G 8K1
Leclerc & Filles, Gardeners Market
1200 Chem. of Saint John,
La Prairie, QC J5R 4S4
IGA Extra Marché Vincent Inc.
3315 Ch. de Chambly,
Longueuil, QC J4L 4K5

1001 comics. From Montarville,
Boucherville, QC J4B 5T5
IGA Emily and Philip Market
299 Bd Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier,
Saint-Lambert, QC J4R 2L1
Metro Plus Bellemare
2004 Boulevard Rome,
Brossard, QC J4W 3M7
IGA Tellier Sorel
411 Boulevard Poliquin,
Sorel-Tracy, QC J3P 7V9

Roseline Bakery Gluten Free
18 Boulevard des Champs-Fleuris,
La Prairie, QC J5R 5W4
Rachelle-BĂ©ry / Iga Extra Lambert Carignan Markets
2369 Chem. from Chambly,
Carignan, QC J3L 4N4
Rachelle-BĂ©ry / IGA Extra Lambert St-Bruno Markets
23 Boulevard Seigneurial O,
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC J3V 2G9
Baseball Experience
353 Rue Adrien-Fontaine,
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J2X 5M5


G.M. Turgeon Farm
7966 Chem. Turgeon
Disraeli, QC G0N 1E0


Lina's Italian Market
2202 Center St NE
Calgary, AB