Pure Vita Labs - PVL - MCT Oil No Flavor - 946ml



  • MCT 6 times purer than coconut oil
  • Provides twice as much energy as carbohydrates per gram
  • Prohibited substance tested - Informed-Choice certified

MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides are Extracted from Coconut Oil Regular coconut oil contains 15 MCTs. High Energy Athletes Need More Fuel And PVL MCT Oil Provides! Additionally, if your diet requires energy while on a low-carb diet, MCTs do not provide carbohydrates for fuel and also help preserve muscle tissue.re.

The true MCTs are C-8 caprylic and C-10 capric triglycerides. PVL MCT oil is made up of 100 C-8 and C-10 triglycerides, which is 6 times more than regular coconut oil. PVL MCT Oil is the best source of pure MCTs.purs.


1 tablespoon 15 ml with food - can be used up to 3 times a day. First time: start with 1 teaspoon 5 ml with food to assess your initial tolerance. Do not use for frying. Can be used in cooking, to add to shakes, to baste salads or to dishes already cooked.uits.


Pure 100 MCTs provide fast energy like carbohydrates, but MCTs are not carbohydrates! So when your diet requires more energy without adding more carbohydrates, ignite your body with MCT oil and go for it!!

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