Serenity Anti-Stress Kit


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You want to calm your everyday stress?

You feel you can't calm the hamster in your head?

You don't know how to calm your stress ball?

You live with side effects that impact your life Chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, burnout You feel irritable or overworkedné?

Our body can withstand a brief episode of intense stress very well. On the other hand, significant stress over a long period can have negative repercussions on our physical and mental health.

Looking for a natural way to remedy it, to calm down?

We have a solution that will help you:

  • Manage this stress better
  • Calm your anxiety
  • Better sleep and rest
  • Support your brain naturally
  • Naturally support your adrenal glands.

So here is theAnti-Stress Serenity Kit andthe quality products that we have selected for you:

cool down - ATP Lab :Cool Down has been formulated to optimize your body's stress response: whether you're looking to improve post-exercise recovery and increase gains, optimize resting heart rate variability, reduce evening cortisol, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, or simply relax after a hard day at work, Cool Down will help!a!

Adrenrgy AM - ATP Lab  : As the brain and your adrenal glands are overworked in a state of prolonged stress, Adrenergy AM is the perfect support to support your adrenal glands, to give you energy, to achieve optimal immunity and support for brain function.

Optisom - ATP Lab :Optisom is a formula adapted to temporarily promote relaxation. It helps restore the body's sleep-wake cycle (an important aspect of circadian rhythm). It also uses a long-acting melatonin, active for up to 7 hours, which will promote a longer, less interrupted night. And thus will promote a better rest of the body and the spirit.

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