Your new #1 for your muscle and joint pain!Are you suffering from joint pain?Or your muscles are sometimes sore after sports or physical exertion? Have you tried the balms available on the market, and you don't find them effective enough? Not to mention the sometimes endless and incomprehensible list of ingredients in these balms? Would you like to stop compensating with medication? Here is your solution: The Fit-Fit Nature Nutrition muscle balm has proven its effectiveness in relieving your muscle and joint pain. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is handmade in Quebec.Its two main active ingredients, Arnica montana and wintergreen are recognized for their pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, both on muscles and joints. Why not use them together? This is THE strength of this balm.

The reasons for its effectiveness

Its two main active ingredients: Arnica and Wintergreen

The effects of Arnica are numerous because it is a plant rich in more than 150 active therapeutic substances. Arnica has 3 main properties: it is anti-inflammatory, analgesic (calms pain) and soothing.
It is a natural painkiller that relieves muscle tension. It is very effective in reducing hematomas and soothes joint pain and pain related to osteoarthritis. It also has many other virtues. It is also healing, antioxidant, vasoprotective, venotonic etc.

Wintergreen essential oil is certainly the best muscle and joint painkiller known in the world of pharmacy, widely used in the world of sport. Many painful conditions are soothed by its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be very useful for you in case of: muscle pain, cramps, tendon pain, contractures, osteoarthritis, arthritis and polyarthritis, migraines, and in sport, for preparation before an effort or recovery.

118 ml / 4 oz
Raw shea butter, grape seed oil, Arnica montana oil, raw and local beeswax, wintergreen essential oil (Gaultheria procumbens), organic peppermint from canada (Mentha x piperita).

Its benefits

Fit-Fit Nature Nutrition Balm was formulated with the clinically proven pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica and Wintergreen.

It allows you to feel relief and comfort within minutes of application.

It has a pleasant, minty scent that can be used anywhere, anytime. It does not stain and absorbs quickly.

It will be gentle on your skin, using shea butter and grapeseed oil as penetrating agents.

It will give you targeted, drug-free relief.


Joint pain, Arthritis / Arthrosis

Attack aches and pains with nature's most powerful compounds that soothe, heal and comfort aching joints.

Muscle pain

Scientifically designed to fight pain effectively on the muscles of your body, providing fast and lasting relief.

Warm up your muscles before sport / Recover after sport

Prepares the muscles for effort, and soothes muscles sore from physical effort. Being 'racked' doesn't have to be so painful...