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Without confidence in your abilities, you cannot recognize your potential. It is even possible that a person with less ability, but with confidence, can defeat that person because belief in yourself can have a strong influence.

The feeling of confidence can be seen as the strength of an individual's belief that you can be successful in a particular activity. The concept of self-efficacy has often been used synonymously with the concept of self-esteem, which is the process of evaluating the ego; However, self-efficacy is more accurately described as a precursor of self-esteem and mediated by the attributes of the individual.

Dreams come true

It all starts with a dream ... a vision ... a goal.
There are a lot of things you need to do every day to make your life special. You should laugh, think, ask questions, and invest 100% in everything you do.

There are no guarantees in life, nothing is easy and athletic success will never be easy.
But dreams can really come true, why not yours If it isn't you it will be someone else, someone who might wish this dream a little moree

Believe in yourself

Every now and then ask yourself "who you think you are." Believe in yourself or in what you could do to be successful in what you do. A big part of believing in yourself is the ability to control your mind. Your mind has the power to help you win or lose.


There is no doubt that you have to overcome adversity at any point in the course of a sports career.

Very often, you cannot predict the source of unhappiness or its greatness, but measuring your character's strength will be the way to overcome it. Face the problem, remove your emotions from the problem and find the solution.

 Focus on the solution, you can continue your journey and achieve the desired success.

Make it your time

Treat every opportunity as if it's the last.


Success only happens when we have the desire to improve and surpass ourselves.

How you deal with training, competition, success, and adversity is a measure of the type of athlete you are.

Great athletes are internally motivated to be successful. Above all, they keep the ego only at the time of the competition. It is quite different at all other times. Learn how to improve yourself and improve your skills. Take the time ... to learn ...

You can do it ...

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Article written by Émilie Provencher

Co-Owner Center Balance Performance Nutrition / Professional Athlete

Émilie Provencher and Alain Gosselin can be reached onInstagram and on Facebook.

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