Tutti Gourmet - All 4 Biscotti Flavors Set


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Not sure which Biscotti to pair with your coffee? Here are the 4 flavors of Biscotti from Tutti Gourmet. Your dilemma will be solved.

  • The Almond Biscotti: Combines the delicate crunch of almonds with the subtle sweetness of vanilla for a simply delicious moment.
  • Chocolate, Almond and Cinnamon Biscotti: Delicious dark chocolate and crunchy almonds, delicately combined with the sweet and refined aroma of cinnamon, make this new Biscotti an absolutely comforting flavour.
  • Orange and Dark Chocolate Biscotti: When the subtlety of orange essential oil meets dark chocolate to create a unique and certainly gourmet Biscotti.
  • Biscotti Orange and Pistachio and Cranberry: Flavor both original and traditional, Biscotti Tutti Pistachio and Cranberry is subtly flavored with notes of anise that will transport you to the most beautiful landscapes of Italy.

Their Biscotti are also dairy free, corn and soy free.

See individual flavor sheets for ingredients and allergens.

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