LIQUIDATION - Ooya - Organic stimulating infusion - Original


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  • Biological energy -90mg of caffeine
  • Without fuss
  • Creativity and productivity
  • Delicious Yummy
  • Crash-free


The OOYA range offers a soft and lively effervescence. Citrus notes, reminiscent of the light taste of iced tea, envelop each sip. The slightly sweet taste enhances everything without distorting the infusion. Without compromise, the lingering finish on the palate leaves an impression of freshness.

250ml per can


Organic Guayusa Infusion (Water, Guayusa), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Natural Flavors.

Caffeine content

A 250ml can of OOYA stimulating infusion contains 90mg of caffeine obtained by cold brewing, approximately the same amount as a cup of filter coffee.


For who?

OOYA is a natural drink that empowers ambitious people to power their biggest ideas. At home, we call them sideliners.OOYA was created for sideliners, by sideliners.

Sideliners Def. n.m. [sahyd][lahy][nuh] Person who, in addition to his busy schedule, adds to his schedule a project in order to make his passions flourish.»

Why the Guayusa

This is not a hiding place for anyone, we are die-hard fans of guayusa! It's not complicated, for us, guayusa is a plant with super magical powers! Magiques.ça can be scary, but here's why!!

The guayusa plant is known to provide healthier energy. Indeed, it combines the benefits of natural drinks and the energy intake of a drink high in caffeine (concentration, stimulation), while subtracting the harmful effects related to it (palpitations, energy crash). It's not magic ?? 

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