LIQUIDATION (end of range) - Crunchy Rosemary Granola with Vegan Parmesan


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  • Natural, herbal
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free

A decadent delight

A revolution in the world of granola with the very first deliciously spicy flavor. The Rosemary Crunch with Parmesan is perfect to garnish your salads or soups. Its vegan Parmesan and delicious rosemary will satisfy your snack-time cravings for unsweetened granola.

A premium granola made with the best ingredients. Granolust is made in Canada, in Montreal, which makes it even sexier. Give in to your desires without guilt.
But be warned: Granolust is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Once you taste it, you will feel the physical urge to have more of it. So don't hold back. Devour it. You deserve it. We know you'll want more. And even.

Give in to your desires without guilt!

You want to adopt a healthier lifestyle without forgetting the small pleasures You have dietary restrictions that keep you from letting go and spoiling yourself 
Granolust is FOR YOU! It's homemade with healthy ingredients, without the usual sweeteners, additives and oils. A combination of sweet and savory that is impossible to resist.

Try the Rosemary Crunch with Parmesan on a thick soup, or as a crouton in a salad. What if you sprinkle it on your avocado toast or poached eggs And why not grind it to make a completely unique breadcrumbs for fish or chicken There are a thousand and one ways to use your Granolust, either for making burgers, roasted cauliflower or fried chicken. With Granolust, you will sparkle in your kitchen all night long!t!

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