Organic Italian Vegan Sea Salt Chocolate



Organic, Raw, Vegan, gluten free, GMO free, dairy free, preservative free, in soy and lecithin, cold pressed.

The crème de la crème of chocolates, raw, surprising. 3 ingredients only!

The opulent flavors of the unrefined cane sugar of the Muscovado variety are subtly enhanced by the delicate sea salt, lending the bar an aromatic sweetness. The result is a perfect mix of sweet and salty, surprising at first, but irresistible. Made at low temperature and only with cocoa butter naturally contained in the cocoa bean, without other additions.

The sea salt used in this bar comes from the ancient salt marshes of Trapani and Paceco in Sicily, whose history dates back to 1101 AD. Renowned for its extraordinary character, this sea salt is richer in potassium and magnesium than other salts. Soft and light, it is harvested by hand without any type of chemical treatment in a WWF nature reserve designated Special Protected Area for its biodiversity.é.

Both cocoa and Muscovado sugar come from fair trade producers.

Heat sensitive item on delivery.

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