Organic Italian Vegan Chocolate with Orange



Organic, Raw, Vegan, gluten free, GMO free, dairy free, preservative free, in soy and lecithin, cold pressed.

The crème de la crème of chocolates, raw, surprising. 3 ingredients only!

You will be spellbound. The real zest of organic Sicilian oranges absolutely no essence gives this chocolate an irresistibly intoxicating aroma and enveloping flavor. If you've been to Sicily, biting into this bar will get you back there immediately. If you haven't, you will feel the urge to leave. Either way, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey, starting with luscious, creamy cocoa flavors and a finish of delicate notes of orange and vanilla.e.

It has been written that Sicily is the land of oranges, the scent of which fills the air in spring. So when we decided to capture the legendary fruit in a chocolate bar, we knew we had to get back to the real thing, which is the Sicilian orange groves carefully cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic farming. We harvested large quantities of oranges and we peeled them by hand, one by one, fruit by fruit, very superficially. The result was a mountain of pretty spirals of zest, which were then air dried and crushed into a powder. This powder maintains the citrus scent and is added by hand to the cocoa mass and cane sugar. Made at low temperature, the end result is a bar that fully preserves the aromas and nutritional properties of its valuable ingredients.s.

Heat sensitive item on delivery.

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