Believe Supplements - Transparent Whey - No Flavor 4LBS



  • Increases daily protein intake
  • Helps in muscle growth and repair
  • Quick absorption after training
  • Quick and easy snacking, you can also mix with Superfoods + Greens for a more complete meal replacement
  • Gluten free
  • Peanut free,Lactose free, Soy free, No coloring

    With flavors and proteins available separately, you finally have control over the flavor you want! You can easily mix Unflavored Transparent Whey with your different Flavor Packs!Whey protein concentrate is widely considered to be the most effective and economical form of protein that the human body can digest and use. The whey protein concentrate is micro-filtered and not heat-treated to produce ultra pure protein. This means a little more carbohydrates and fat and about 15% less protein per serving.

    IF YES...

    • You want a good source of protein powder at a great price
    • You easily digest lactose
    • You need to increase the amount of protein you eat
    • You want a quick and easy snack

    NOT IF

    • You are allergic to dairy products
    • You are already getting enough protein from a regular diet



    •  1 to 2 servings can be used after training, as a snack or as a meal replacement
    • Can be added to regular foods like oats, Greek yogurt, cream of rice, etc.
    • Can be used in recipes like muffins, pancakes, etc.


    28g whey protein concentrate (23g net protein)

    Nonmedicinal ingredients: none (product is not flavored)


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