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Biotonix Fitness

The goal: to rejuvenate your body age!

Welcome to the Biotonix physical capacity program! This application,created bySylvain Guimond, D.O., Ph.D. - Physical educator, Osteopath and Doctor in sports psychology ,  will allow you, with the help of simple tests to be carried out in the comfort of your home, to assess the level of your general physical capacity as well as to know your physiological age, the age of your body!ps!

Following the tests, we will be able tocreate a personalized 8-week exercise program, according to your goals, availability and physical capacitye which will help you take your first steps or continue your journey towards better physical health!

*Things to know before ordering the test:

1 This health test uses the Biotonix Fitness application, free on Google Play and App Store.e.

2 A download link will be sent to you automatically by email explaining the procedure..

3 You can consult the document with the procedure to follow with Acrobat Reader or any other free software capable of reading PDFs..

4 Allow 2 to 3 working days before receiving your access to use the Biotonix Fitness

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