Carnibolic - Fat Burner - Black Cherry & Lime



  • Maximizes lean muscle mass
  • Amplifies and mimics the response to insulin
  • Increases testosterone by over 40%
  • No mixing of properties between the ingredients
  • Formula 100 transparente

Dual action hormonal enhancer

AGGRO is a dual-action anabolic powerhouse with twice the androgenic potency of your regular test booster. This high-tech formula contains no mixtures or fillers - only totally transparent doses of the most clinically proven androgenic compounds known to science!!

Working within minutes of your first serving, AGGRO increases testosterone, GH and IGF-1 beyond anything you've ever experienced. Ayany has been tested in research, test subjects taking only one of AGGRO's 11 ingredients in its exact inclusion dose increased testosterone by over 40! Cutting-edge ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid 3120 mg, Tongkat Ali 300 mg and Mucuna Pruriens 750 mg combine with a ZMA blend to catalyze these anabolic reactions. AGGRO also targets the secretion and function of your most anabolic hormone, insulin. Acting as both a mimetic and a sensitizer, AGGRO works to boost the potency of your body's natural insulin levels while actually simulating the effects of the insulin itself! The 5 potent insulinogenic agents Bitter Melon 50 mg, Cinnamomum Cassia 200 mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 150 mg, Berberine HCL 200 mg and Chromium Picolinate 400 mcg work to stabilize glucose levels, torch body fat, increase lean mass and introduce anabolic nutrients in your muscle cells. This synergistic anabolic and anti-catabolic activity guarantees you maximum muscle growth - no prescription needed! Prepare to grow while riding with AGGRO.n roulant avec AGGRO. ™ 

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