Audrée and Benoit are two passionate about life whose paths once crossed to form a family. They decided to join forces and found a family business eitherFit-Fit Nature Nutrition Inc.and the site FitFitFit.Fit.Here is their story:




Benoit Girard


Very young, I knew that I wanted to move and make things happen. I am a person of action, a passionate person who simplifies thoroughly in all his projects. All my life, I have done sports. I have practiced top level baseball, amateur boxing and physical training. After a break of several years, I got back to training. Since I don't do anything halfway, it has become my way of life. Supervised training of a "fitness" style coach 5 times a week, with the right diet! I am very interested in what is needed to keep my body healthy and thus avoid harmful things as much as nocif.

Professionally, after ten years in management and direction of big box stores, I reoriented my career in 1999 to become a financial security advisor. In 2006, I was appointed director of sales for two agencies for a company that is a leader in financial services in Quebec and Canada. In 2011, I completed a university study certificate in sales force management from Laval University in Quebec. I am now the manager of one of the largest financial services centers in Montreal. In order to give back to society, I get involved in different foundations as an ambassador or donor, to help people in need.oin.

My entourage considers me a builder. One of my strengths is to take a project and take it where it should be. The time has come to transform my lifestyle into a new career project.


Graduated from a bachelor's degree in psychology at the University of Montreal, I worked for 10 years as a director in telecommunications. Following the birth of my two children, I decided to make a career change. In 2009, I went back to school to get my license as a financial security advisor. Being in a helping relationship with people has always been essential for me.oi.

On a personal level, from a young age, I discovered a passion for everything related to nutrition and diet. Cooking, eating well, keeping me informed of new food trends have always been part of my daily life.

One day my body started sending me warning signals. After investigation, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, and irritable bowel syndrome. I had to change my diet drastically. Nothing easy when you are regularly in the kitchen or in restaurants and an epicurean. I did a lot of trial and error and oh how expensive it was! It was quite a challenge!! 

So I decided to turn my passion for food into a new career project..

So many people suffer from food intolerance without having the budget or the knowledge to make the necessary changes to their health. My goal is to help people with digestive illnesses and food intolerances find healthy ideas and products more easily, without breaking the bank..