Thé santé aux baies de goji et mûres blanches

Today, I'm introducing you to white blackberries, still little known, but so delicious! They are the fruits of the silk mulberry tree. Their naturally sweet taste is not unlike that of fig.

Benefits of white mulberries:

Mulberries are used in traditional Chinese medicine to fight anxiety, stress, and chronic fatigue. Due to its high content of iron and vitamin C, dried mulberry is a powerful natural energy and tonic stimulant, the ideal ally in case of fatigue! Mulberries are packed with resveratrol, a natural antioxidant that has protective effects for the heart and helps prevent diseases associated with aging. They contain zinc, essential for cell renewal, the health of bones, skin, nails, reproductive organs and finally to strengthen the immune system. Indeed, the mulberry is an antibiotic, bactericide and natural immune stimulant that helps fight against viruses and small winter infections. Mulberries are also an incredible source of trace elements (copper, phosphorus, magnesium) to consume daily. Regular consumption of this super fruit helps maintain visual health, good digestion and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

How to prepare them?

You can enjoy them as is as a snack, they are frankly surprising. Ideal for filling up with vitality, they can also flavor your teas, yogurts, muffins, cookies, and morning smoothies!

Preparation of the recipe: 5 min

For: 1 person

Ingredients :

Preperation :

Bring the water to a boil. When the water begins to simmer, turn off the kettle.

Pour the water into a large mug and let your tea steep to taste (the longer you steep, the more bitter it will be).

Pour the goji berry and mulberry mixture into the hot water and let it steep again for a few minutes.

Don't throw out the berries, enjoy them with your tea. The fruits are delicious when rehydrated! They will add a natural sweet touch to your hot drink.

Article written by Audrée Hogue



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