Pour étirer l'été... un Café Glacé Cold Brew à l’Amande, et autres idées!

Every summer, there are a line of fast food restaurants that I won't name! Hihi to go get yourself some decadent iced coffee, but oh! How many calories, sugar and bad fats!s!

And there, summer draws to a close, but I like to stretch it in my own way, when a little heat and sun is still showing up.ez.

Here are some ideas to make you a homemade version, more economical, so much healthier, and just as fast, if not more because we save the line! Nothing more practical during the rushed mornings !!!



1 t. ofcold brew cold brew coffee

½ cup of milk / vegetable drink of your choice my choice is an unsweetened almond drinkée)

1 C. maple syrup to adjust to tasteût)

1/8 c. almond essence teade

Oh and for the sportsmen of this world who take a protein shake in the morning try adding a Chocolate protein scoop to the recipe, without adding the maple syrup!


Cold Brew coffee has the advantage of being prepared on its own! Just drop the coffee bag in 1 cup of water the night before in the fridge. The next morning, by pure magic, you get a frankly delicious black coffee, and not a cup of coffee that tastes nothing.n.

You just have to mix the ingredients, and we taste a little delight here!


The options are endless!!! The maple syrup can be replaced by stevia, date sugar, you can truncate the almond essence with cocoa by passing the blender to dissolve it, an essence of caramel, coconut, add a touch of whipped cream or topping with whipped coconut and cocoa powder!udre!

You will give me the news!!!!


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